Lori Bonanni


Tide Pool 24x24
Green Room 30x30
Intransitive 36x36
Birds of a Feather triptych
Moonrise 12x12
Neptune's 8X10

sold / nfs

The Great Egret (Sold)
Splash II (SOLD)
Haddock (SOLD)
Splash (SOLD)
Under the Rainbow (SOLD)
As the Crow Flies (SOLD)

Lori Bonanni

Lori Bonanni studied landscape art and design at Rutgers University where she received a BS in Landscape Architecture. Always an artist at heart, she traded the tools of a Landscape Architect for the tools of an oil painter. Her journey into fine art began on Long Beach Island by painting with local artist, Jane Law.  Lori then continued her studies at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia.

A summer resident of LBI, her inspiration comes from the traditions surrounding island life set on the beaches and bays of the island’s natural landscape. She often paints plein air and cofounded the local Pine Shores Plein Air Group by inviting other artists to paint along with her at different locations around the island.

In her paintings, Lori seeks to convey a “sense of place” striving to capture what is unique and memorable about a particular place.  She is drawn to scenes with dramatic light and color. She often finds inspiration in the familiar – a building, a path, a road, or elements of the local natural environment.