Laura Harvey

available works

Soft Shoulder 12x12
Circle Back 12x12
Star Kissed 8x8
Day at the Beach 20x20
Going For Gold 12x12
The Overlook 20x20
Riding the Wagon 12x12
Beach Belle 10x10
Flocks 24x24

sold / nfs

RUMPUS 24x78 (sold)
Boogie Board 2 (sold)
BREEZY (sold)
Eyes on the Prize 24x24 (sold)
Star Kissed 8x8
Looking Toward 8x8
On the Couch (sold)
Wagon Ho (sold)
The Edge 24x24 (sold)
Go for The Go 24x24 (sold)

Laura Harvey

Laura Harvey creates intricately layered collages on a variety of substrates: traditional birch panels, dismantled doors, and old windows to name a few. Intuitively building the layers of each collage, Laura draws from a rich collection of media and vintage ephemera with paint, papers (found and handmade), acrylic mediums, beeswax and more. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials to achieve the desired artistic outcome. Laura derives immense satisfaction in seeing each individual piece evolve during the creative process.

From a blur of an idea to a fully-developed composition-rich with color, depth and personality. Harvey’s interest in Marilyn Monroe and all things glamorous and retro combined with her love of bold color, humor and whimsy make her pieces so fun and original.  For nearly 18 years, Harvey was employed as Director of the North River Arts Society in Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts. After retiring, Harvey opened a funky retail/studio space in Duxbury, MA.