Jen Kelly


Water Edges
Striped Boats 30x40
Citrus Dreams 36x36
Yellow Skies Delight 36x24
Through the Waters 40x30
Beach Modern 48x36
Sunshiny Day 36x24
Beach People #4 16x16
Femme Fatale 36x48
Shimmering Sunset 24x48
Yellow Trees 30x30
View to the Bridge 36x36
Orange Citrus 30x24
Sunny Sails 30x20
Yellow! Abloom 24x30
Golden Edges 36x48
Patterning 48x36
Shores of Innocence 18x24
Moonstruck 20x24
Glimmering Seas 60x36
Handsome Blues 24x24
Causeway 30x24
Marsh Greens 15x30
Lady of the Shores 36x36
Shimmering Movements 36x36
Dune View 24x36
Morning Serenity 12x36
Three Amigos 36x36
Surf's Up 15x30
Stripes of the Sea II 24x24
Blue Waters 36x36
Intertwining 36x36

sold / nfs

Beach People #3 40x40
Calm Seas (SOLD)
Here at Last 36 x 36 (SOLD)
Splash of Pink 48x36
Morning Meditation (SOLD)
Strollin' (SOLD)
Blue Beach Folks (SOLD)
Paddle Board Reflections 24 x 48
Pear 6x6 (SOLD)
Salty Waves (SOLD)

Jen Kelly

Contemporary abstract paintings by New England artist, Jen Kelly, underscore thick, bold brushwork on panels, canvas and linen. Her work often depicts subtle imagery; taking inspiration from the vast landscape of the coast. She portrays these as broad masses of color juxtaposed to one another within the panel. The work often negates imagery allowing the focus to be on the strong vivid hues vibrating across her canvas.

Jen has a BFA from Boston College where she studied with master painters from across the United States. A few of the artists Jen was fortunate enough to work with include Ken Auster, Johanna Harmon, and Camille Prizdewok as well as Provincetown artist, Cynthia Packard.

Residing in Hingham MA, she focuses full time on her painting in her home studio with emphasis on her commission work for homes in North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, New York and Colorado. Her work can also be viewed at Delicious Designs, the studio of interior designer Roberta Sobran. Her philanthropic work as curator for various fundraising efforts such as South Shore Hospital, and Homestart, which raises funds for the homeless in Boston, have won her respect and recognition as an artist to watch. In October 2014, her work was recognized by South Shore Living Magazine in a focus article.