Small Works Holiday Show

Have an Artful Holiday Season

This collection of small works proves that good things come on small canvases. Happy little reminders that there is beauty all around if we just look closely, and pausing to give it our attention enriches our lives. With smaller sizes and prices, these pieces can easily find their place on any wall or shelf.  Spread some well needed joy this year and give the gift of art.

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Bayview Sunset 10x10
Grey Day 10x10
Summer Pause 12x12
Flower Mosaic 11x8
Monocle 8x8
Home Port 12x12
Tears of Joy 7x7
Dry Summer 12x12
Smiley 15”
Cocktail Hour 14x11
Sunset Marsh 9x12
One the Couch 5x5
Get Away 2 9x9
Tilt 8x8
Isaiah 126:3 8x8x4
I Love 8”
Tip O' The Hat 8x8
Peanut Butter 8x8
Crow Contemplation 8x8
Pollys Dock 14x11
The Grotto 10x8
Hattitude 3 10x10
Mother of Gaud 12x6x3
Flight 12x12
Dawn at Sea 8x8
Neighbors 12x12
Warm & Breezy 8x8
Mussel Beach I 9x12
Heels and Hose 12x12
Corner Table 12x12
Inside the Hive 8x8
Route 70 10x8
Isaiah 126:3 8x8x4
Riding the Wagon 12x12
Little Gem 7x7
Anticipation 12x12
Fishing at Dawn 12x12
Sea and Sand 11x8
Whoop it Up 12x12
Disconnect 9x12
Iridescence 7x7
Dry Summer 2 12x12
Drinking 12”