Deborah Baye


Ocean Peace 30x30
Purple Haze 18x18
Harvest 18x18
Spectrum 30x30
Bandana 18x18
Night and Day 24x24
Kaleidescope 30x30
Blue Aztec 18x18
Wind and Water

sold / nfs

Mykonos (SOLD)
Manic Enthusiasm (Sold)
Deborah Baye

Deborah Baye


Born and raised in Boston, Deborah studied at Boston University and has practiced as an Occupational Therapist for most of her working life. When she is not working, she is at the beach, in her garden, taking pictures or creating art. Currently, Deborah’s work is mixed medium on paper. It is the reflection of internal energy flowing freely from head to hand. Except for the color choice it is not usually planned resulting in spontaneous and repeating patterns. Color and texture are added to create playful, joyous and complex layered images for you to enjoy. Deborah’s work hangs in private homes, software companies, restaurants and offices.